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“Discover how Semper Vivens and White Doves are revolutionizing funeral services on the Costa Blanca with ecological urns, supporting sustainable grief in the English community.”

Innovation in Ecological Funerals At Semper Vivens, we are pleased to announce a transformative alliance with White Doves, leaders in funeral services for the English community on the Costa Blanca. This collaboration highlights our commitment to innovation and sustainability in funerals. Learn more about our vision and how we are changing the industry at Semper Vivens.

Grief Turned into a Sustainable Legacy The loss of a loved one begins a unique emotional process. Our eco-friendly urns, detailed on our product page, offer a dignified resting place for ashes while also nourishing a tree or plant, symbolizing a living, breathing legacy.

Ecological and Respectful Tribute Choosing these urns means honoring loved ones in an ecological way. Learn how this approach can change the perception of the end of life in our environmental blog.

Education and Community Engagement We strive to engage and educate the community in sustainable funeral practices. Discover our initiatives, including events and workshops, in the community events section.

Global Focus on Sustainability Semper Vivens is committed to leading the way in sustainability, not only on the Costa Blanca, but also globally. Discover more about our global approach to sustainability.

Commitment to Life and the Environment In addition to offering ecological urns, our commitment extends to promoting a greener and more sustainable life. We actively participate in reforestation and environmental education initiatives, contributing to a healthier future for our planet.

Call to Action For more details about our ecological urns and experiences of families who have chosen this path, visit our blog. Participate in this initiative for a greener world.