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Years of research and development to guarantee the germination of new life in the vessel, universally and accessible to all.


germination and growth in a urn

Alongside the team of professionals led by Alberto Lloret, Ph.D. in environmental sciences, Agronomist, and Laboratory Director, who has achieved a milestone in the funeral sector: germinating and growing a catalpa in a urn. The most advanced technology has gone hand in hand: the AIDIMME technological institute has replicated this marvel of science accurately and massively to make it universal and accessible to all.

Aidimme, Instituto Tecnológico

Semper Vivens has been developed to offer the best possible experience through a simple and guaranteed use.

Our engineers, with the permanent idea of ensuring the utmost dignity and use of the cremated ashes of our loved ones, have developed, through noble materials such as steel, gold, or glass, a mechanism already incorporated into the porcelain piece, a result of the highest engineering. In this way, it is guaranteed in any case that through the ashes of our loved ones, we can offer the world a new form of plant life, the Catalpa.

Semper Vivens can remain inside our home indefinitely for years, or it can be transplanted outside in a garden, whenever we want. In both cases, we will guide you through simple instructions, included in the set, our telephone number, Whatsapp or email.

Noble materials

for state-of-the-art technology

Pablo Miralles

The challenge has been to meet the requirements of families, bereavement specialists and our science department. Focusing on the need to treat the ashes of our loved one with dignity, neatness, love and security.

Pablo Miralles

Chemical Engineer
COGITIM 0026917

We have developed packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible, with the aim of meeting the most environmentally friendly standards for the planet.

José María Font

Industrial Engineer ICAI
Managing Director POLIVAS

jose Maria Font
Jorge Miralles

After years of development, we are completely confident that we can offer the best funeral product, creating a new segment in the sector, the capacity to generate life. Guarantee, dignity and simplicity for you, your family and friends.

Jorge Miralles

Engineer MSC. Computational Mechanics
COGITIM 0026915



Selected as one of the main candidates to win the prestigious
international Green Product Award 2024

Gobierno de España. Ministerio de industria, comercio y Turismo
AIDIME, Instituo Tecnológico
Green Product Award 2024 Selectd

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