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🎗️ On World Cancer Day, we want to dedicate this space on our website to reflection and raising awareness about the importance of uniting in the fight against this disease that affects so many lives around the world.

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) plays a vital role in this battle, working tirelessly on research, providing comprehensive support to patients and families, and promoting awareness about cancer prevention.

Cancer is not only an individual challenge, but also a burden shared by society as a whole. On this day, we express our sincere gratitude to the AECC for its daily and constant dedication in the fight against cancer.

On our day of reflection on World Cancer Day, it is likely that we all have someone in our close circle who has faced this disease. Whether it’s a friend or family member, these personal experiences serve as a reminder that cancer is a widespread challenge that affects many lives. It is in these moments that we must join forces and recognize the importance of solidarity in the fight against this disease. Each personal story urges us to reflect on the need to fight cancer collectively, supporting research, promoting prevention and providing support to those in need.

It is essential to become aware of the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. On our website, we join in the dissemination of relevant information on cancer prevention, encouraging our readers to educate themselves and adopt healthy habits that contribute to reducing the risk.

By thanking those who dedicate their lives to fighting cancer, we commit to being an active part of this cause. At Semper Vivens we share this message to raise awareness and promote solidarity. United, we can make a difference and build a future where cancer is a concern of the past.

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