Semper Vivens


Indoor plants have a powerful stimulating effect on creativity, concentration and productivity. That’s what Science says.


In addition to the benefits in the home mentioned in previous articles (“Benefits of having plants at home” and “(More) Psychological benefits of plants in the home”), there is research that has supported that the presence of plants in work or study spaces can enhance concentration and productivity. Of course, this also applies to plants in your Semper Vivens pot.

Specifically, the scientific article “Human Response to Window Views and Indoor Plants in the Workplace” highlighted research into, among other aspects, how indoor plants affect the psychophysiological response of people in work environments.

In it they measured numerous variables, such as electroencephalography, pulse blood volume, and anxiety of people under different conditions in an office environment.

The results showed that participants were less nervous or anxious when observing nature through a window and/or when houseplants were present. And apart from the psychological benefit that this entails, it also had a very positive impact on their performance in the tasks they were carrying out.

So while you remember your loved one with your Sempervivens pot, plants are creating a more pleasant and encouraging environment, facilitating the execution of tasks and stimulating creativity, by providing a visually stimulating and diversified environment.

Bibliography: Chang, C. Y. et al. (2005). Human response to window views and indoor plants in the workplace. HortScience.