Semper Vivens


«When I lost my dear Grandmother Francisca, I found myself sailing in a sea of memories and emotions. I was looking for a special way to honor her life and her legacy, and that’s when I discovered the Semper Vivens urn. »

«Semper Vivens’ proposal to transform cremation ashes into the basis for the growth of new trees immediately captivated me. It was more than an eco-friendly option; It represented a bridge between the past and the future, between memory and hope.

The process was deeply moving and therapeutic. Watching two beautiful trees sprout from my grandmother’s ashes was a transformative experience. Not only was it a living monument in her honor, but also an act of love to the planet.

Every day, as I watch these trees grow, I feel that my grandmother’s essence is still with us in a tangible and lively way. Semper Vivens not only offered me a way to remember my grandmother, but it also gave me comfort and a new perspective on the cycle of life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Semper Vivens to anyone looking for a meaningful and sustainable way to remember a loved one. It is an experience that transforms grief into growth, goodbye into life, and memory into a lasting legacy.”