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Semper Vivens partners with AIDIMME to revolutionize the funeral sector, focusing on guarantee, ethics and environmental sustainability. Discover how this collaboration is marking a milestone in the industry.

Innovation and Excellence in the Funeral Sector: Semper Vivens and AIDIMME

We are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with AIDIMME, marking a milestone in innovation in the funeral sector.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Technological Innovation

Our goal is to lead the transformation in the funeral sector, adapting to current needs with a sustainable and technologically advanced approach. Through this collaboration, we seek to meet the expectations of families, offering services that respect the environment and the memory of loved ones.

Expertise and Leadership in Project Development

Under the direction of Dr. Alberto Lloret and with the incorporation of José Manuel Font, former auditor of Ernst & Young, our team combines agronomic experience and business vision. This synergy is essential to integrate innovation, quality and sustainability in our funeral services.

Strengthening Our Commitment to Excellence

This collaboration not only enriches our service offering, but also reinforces our commitment to excellence in every step we take. At Semper Vivens, we are dedicated to setting new standards in the funeral industry, always keeping ethics and dignity at the center of our actions.

In the image; The engineers Mario Martínez and David Cuesta, from the AIDIMME Technological Institute

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