Semper Vivens


We are excited to announce the collaboration between Semper Vivens and Fronda centers, an unprecedented collaboration in the sector. This agreement marks a milestone in the history of Semper Vivens and the funeral sector. Offering for the first time guaranteed life in the form of a tree through the ashes of our loved one.

The prestigious Fronda Garden Centers, with its imposing presence in Palma, previously known as Magatzem Verd, is now the home of our exclusive Semper Vivens line. In its 17,600 square meters, Fronda becomes a sanctuary for lovers of nature and decoration.

This collaboration not only benefits Semper Vivens and Fronda, but also local funeral homes, offering superior quality products for their services. The quality and elegance of Semper Vivens now complement the unique experience that Fronda offers its visitors.

The design of the corner in Fronda is a work of art in itself, thanks to the talent of Paulina Espinosa Miekwicz, an interior designer renowned for her creativity and special sensitivity. Her vision will provide a unique and exclusive environment, reflecting the essence of Semper Vivens in every detail.

Ray Pic, film director, will capture the essence of this collaboration, creating audiovisual content that conveys the beauty and atmosphere of Semper Vivens. His experience in visual storytelling will enhance the connection between Semper Vivens and families, bringing our story to a broader audience.

Sonia Gamundí, with her distinctive design touch, plays a crucial role in the presentation of the corner. Her ability to merge aesthetics and functionality will result in an unforgettable experience for both repeat visitors and partner funeral homes.

The Semper Vivens Fronda collaboration represents a commitment to quality, innovation and beauty. This alliance is an invitation to explore a world where nature and design coexist in perfect harmony.

We are proud to be part of this pioneering project, setting new standards in the industry and strengthening the connection with our community and families.