At Semper Vivens, values such as assurance, dignity, ethics, innovation, and passion pave our way. Today, we are thrilled to share a transformative experience. Jorge Miralles, a cornerstone of our team and a recognized expert in artificial intelligence, has been instrumental in this journey. His contribution has marked a new era in the approach to funeral services.

Armed with his profound knowledge in AI, Jorge has led us in a pioneering exploration of the funeral sector. We have analyzed data from multiple sources, including public organizations and grief-specialized therapists. Our goal: to fully understand the impact of our work on society and the grieving process.

“33 Essential Reasons” Our analysis resulted in the creation of an innovative document titled “33 Essential Reasons.” In this document, the word #LOVE resonates with special strength. AI has helped us answer a crucial question for Semper Vivens: What do we offer to families and the departed who choose cremation in a market with diverse options?

At Semper Vivens, we redefine bidding farewell to a loved one as an act of love and respect. Our unique urns are not just containers; they are personalized tributes that transcend traditional commemoration. We strive to ensure that each farewell is a promise of continuity, a perpetual memory reflecting love and life, even after passing.

Our research project emphasizes the Semper Vivens philosophy: innovation driven by compassion and advanced technology. We maintain deep respect and love for those no longer with us. This mission propels us forward, transforming the funeral sector with every step we take, driven by love and the desire to honor life in all its forms.

Additionally, Semper Vivens is committed to supporting families in the grieving process. We offer resources, support, and a profound understanding of emotional needs during these challenging moments. We firmly believe in the importance of remembering and celebrating the lives of loved ones, providing comfort and peace to those who remain.

Looking to the future, Semper Vivens is dedicated to continuing its journey of innovation and service. Our vision is clear: to remain leaders in the funeral sector, always with a focus on dignity, respect, and unconditional love for the life and legacy of each individual.