Semper Vivens


“The guarantee has been decisive in choosing Semper Vivens,”

Juan Padilla, an engineering student in Madrid, found a unique way to honor the memory of his grandmother Inés through Semper Vivens, an innovative proposal that transforms grief into a living memory. In the tranquility of his home, in front of his computer, Juan browsed, discovering a world where art, technology and respect intertwine to offer a unique commemorative experience.

“The quality and care of each component is comparable to fine watchmaking”

“Semper Vivens has offered me a way to remember my grandmother that transcends time and space. The transformation of her ashes into a living plant has been a moving and healing experience,” says Juan. This experience, which combines the elegance of art and the precision of science, allows individuals like Juan to keep the memories of their loved ones alive in a tangible and ecological way.

We encourage those seeking a different approach to grief to explore our memorial options, where we offer a variety of personalized services. Semper Vivens not only represents a tribute to those who have passed away, but also shows a deep commitment to the preservation of the environment.

For those who want to delve into inspiring stories and get advice on how to handle grief in innovative ways, our blog is an invaluable resource. Here we share moving experiences and offer perspectives on how memories can become lasting, ecological comfort.

At Semper Vivens, we transform grief into “living memories.” Discover how, through the experience of Juan Padilla and others, we offer a unique and respectful approach to remembering our loved ones.

Semper Vivens goes beyond being a simple option for managing grief. It represents a new way to connect with our deceased loved ones, offering a legacy that continues to grow and evolve. Each story, like Juan’s, is a testament to the power and beauty of this approach, and how it can transform not only ashes into life, but also our memory and our grief into something full of love and respect for nature.