Semper Vivens


Discover the unique union of Semper Vivens with the artist and ceramist Alberto Bustos, where art becomes a tribute to life.

Semper Vivens is pleased to announce a unique and exciting collaboration with renowned Spanish ceramist Alberto Bustos. This association symbolizes a fusion between art, memory and respect for nature, fundamental pillars in the philosophy of Semper Vivens. Alberto Bustos, famous for his ability to integrate the essence of nature into his ceramic works, will bring his exceptional artistic vision to the creation of urns for Semper Vivens, thus providing a unique and ecological approach. Learn more about the art of Alberto Bustos.

At Semper Vivens, our mission is to innovate and offer memorable and meaningful ways to honor our loved ones. The collaboration with Alberto Bustos allows us to broaden our horizon, using art as a means of remembering and celebrating life. Learn more about our vision and projects at Semper Vivens.

This alliance also opens avenues for future projects that seek to unite art, ecology and memory in innovative and profound ways. Discover our upcoming projects here and see how art and nature can merge to create something truly unique and moving.

The collaboration between Semper Vivens and Alberto Bustos is not only a meeting of talent and creativity, but also a shared commitment to the celebration of life and memory. Together, we seek to offer new ways to remember and honor, while always maintaining respect for the environment and natural beauty.

“Semper Vivens Alberto Bustos Collaboration”

“Explore the unique collaboration between Semper Vivens and artist Alberto Bustos, where art, nature and memory come together to celebrate life in a meaningful and ecological way.”

These alliances allow our offer of family services to grow and adjust to the demand of those people sensitive to unique urns that capture the essence of our loved one.