One of the edges of our product is the promotion of the introduction of the plants in the home.

The integration of plants into the domestic environment contributes in various ways to well-being. In addition to the most obvious, which is the aesthetics it brings to the home, it offers psychological comfort knowing that the ashes of the loved one will be part of a new way of life.

To these well-known factors, we should add the ability to generate healthier environments, purifying the air. It is true that sometimes the term “air purification” has been used to expose the benefits of rather dubious products, however, the scientific evidence [1] confirms the ability of plants in the home to eliminate toxic substances from the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene, improving air quality in indoor environments. This improvement, along with the increase in oxygen concentration, is associated with the decrease of health problems related to poor air quality, such as allergic reactions and respiratory conditions.

Therefore, we can conclude that the act of taking care of your plant in your Sempervivens urn is, in fact, a reciprocal act. You take care of your plant, and your plant takes care of you.

  1. Shambhavi, S. et al. (2022). Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Common Indoor Plants in Improving the Indoor Air Quality of Studio Apartments. Atmosphere, 13 (11).