Semper Vivens


We thank the Socias Rabassa family for their trust, and for the permission to make this publication.

With deep sadness and hearts overwhelmed by the loss, the family was immersed in unfathomable grief after the departure of a loved one.

The absence of that vital presence left a void impossible to fill, and tears became constant companions on their gray days.

It was in those moments of despair and pain that they discovered a ray of light, an unexpected comfort that manifested itself through Semper Vivens. The idea of transforming ashes into life, in the form of a Catalpa tree, resonated deeply with his broken heart.

Semper Vivens became the bridge between sadness and hope, offering a continuous connection with the one who was no longer physically present. The planting of the tree became a symbolic act, a way of honoring and remembering, as tears fell on the earth that now housed the ashes turned into life.

The process of watching that tree grow became an emotional journey for the family. Each green shoot was a tangible representation of the persistence of life even in the midst of death. The branches of the Catalpa swayed in the wind, like comforting whispers from the loved one they could no longer hug.
Semper Vivens did not erase the sadness or completely heal the wounds, but it provided valuable comfort and eternal connection. The tree became a sanctuary of memories, a place where the family found the strength to move forward while keeping the memory of their loved one alive.

In the midst of loss, Semper Vivens offered them a legacy of life and a constant reminder that, although physical absence persists, love and life endure in unexpected ways.