Semper Vivens


In 2019 Aina and Miquel collected the remains of “l’amo” Andreu. Aina’s father who had died at the age of 79, after a brief illness.

Aina knew our work. She had heard of Semper Vivens. And in a town, one’s career is the best endorsement of it.

When we met at the funeral, we offered them the possibility that the ashes of their father and their mother, which were taking up space on a shelf inside their house, could participate in a new life, more specifically in a tree.

A tree that they could see be born, grow and develop. Look at it, touch it and pamper it. They were surprised by the option, and several months later, they called us and accepted our service.

Four years later, we have been given permission to share with you the status of both trees. They decided, once the trees reached a suitable size inside the home, to transplant them outdoors, whithin family terrains.

Their satisfaction and the smile they give us every time we meet is the greatest reward.

For all this, thank you Aina, thank you Miquel.