Semper Vivens


The Legacy Continues: From Ashes to Trees with Semper Vivens.

In Semper Vivens, we turn the goodbye into a new beginning. Our unique proposal allows that, through the ashes of our loved ones, a tree germinates and grows, thus uniting memory and nature in a unique and respectful way.

Saying goodbye to a loved one leads us to look for ways to preserve their memory in a meaningful way. Semper Vivens offers an answer to this search: turning ashes into the source of life for a new tree. This process symbolizes not only remembrance, but also the continuation of life in a different and beautiful way.

The tree that is born from ashes represents an impressive natural cycle: the ashes, rich in nutrients, fuel the growth of the tree, creating a deep and symbolic link between past life and new life. With each bud that emerges and each leaf that unfolds, the legacy of the loved one lives on, growing and flourishing.

This practice, more than a simple planting, is an act of love and a powerful expression of the continuity of life. It is a way to honor our loved ones, allowing their essence to nourish new life, in perfect harmony with the cycle of nature.

At Semper Vivens, we believe that every life is unique and deserves to be remembered in a special way. Our approach offers a respectful and sustainable alternative to keeping alive the memory of those we have lost. Each tree that is born from the ashes becomes a living testimony of love, resilience and the beauty of the cycle of life.