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From the scientific department of Semper Vivens, we want to welcome you to this section, in which we will periodically try to bring you information of interest, both with practical publications for the care of your plants and funeral urns, and other publications that contain more theoretical data, for anyone who wants to deepen and understand the science behind this product.

We would like to focus this first publication as an accompaniment in your first contact with the Semper Vivens urn, giving you an explanation as we were by your side. Of course, you can ask any questions at our address:

Moving on to the contact with your Semper Vivens funeral urn, when you open your box you will immediately find all the components of the kit. Surely they will catch your attention, by the size and its situation in the central area, the germination-growth lamp, and the urn.

Regarding the first, we would like to reiterate (since we also indicate it in the instructions), that the use of this lamp is of great importance, since good lighting is essential for the germination and growth of the plant. The lamp will have to be used during the first few weeks, until your plant has grown enough to get close to the spotlight about 5 cms.

The urn, on the other hand, contains all mechanisms, materials and seeds that will allow the germination and growth of your plant. To start using it, you will only have to place the base-pot rest (also in the central area, behind the growth lamp) on a stable surface, and the urn on top of it, with its ash entry hole facing up. In this way, the urn will be placed in a position that facilitates the entry of the ashes into its deposit. The entrance will be made with the help of the tools included in the set (funnel, decanter, gloves and canvas, arranged on the sides of the package), and will be sealed with the side cover of the urn.

Then it will only be left to pass the urn to the base of the lamp and carry out the sowing as indicated in the instructions, helped once again with materials that you will also find inside the box (irrigation platform, imbibition-irrigation liquids, and protective dome). All the steps are quickly explained in the illustration sheet that accompanies the kit, and in greater detail in the instruction book.

All the steps he will take are those that, after years of research and development, have been proven to be optimal to ensure the proper functioning of the urn, and the health of the plants that will germinate and inhabit it.

From the Semper Vivens laboratories we are excited to be able to provide you with this product (and service) in which so much effort and so many hours of research have been spent, and we wholeheartedly wish you to like it and help you.